Happy Transformational New Year 2018!

It’s January 4, and I’d like to add my best wishes for a Happy New Year in 2018. Better yet, I wish you a transformational year in 2018!

I decided in late 2017 that tinkering around the edges with New Year’s resolutions would not be enough in 2018. Instead, I developed a strategy to transform my life, my work, and most importantly the impact that I have on my family, friends and community. I’d like to share a little bit of this with you.

Seven years ago, I left my private consulting practice to take a full-time position with one of my clients. It was the right thing to do at the time, and I’ve grown a lot. Yet, I always missed the variety, the excitement and the personal fulfillment of running my own practice.

Announcing TEPLANSKY Transformational Marketing & Communications

Today, I am excited to announce that TEPLANSKY is back! I am available for freelance, consulting and contract marketing and communications engagements once again.

Rob Teplansky
Rob Teplansky

Passionate people and organizations with products, services or causes that transform the lives of their target audience are my passion. If you represent a small or medium-sized organization or you’re an entrepreneur and you are passionate about your product, service or cause, let’s talk.  If you need help developing your message and a strategy for reaching your audience, I can help you develop a transformational marketing strategy and the content you need to communicate your message.

A transformational ambition doesn’t mean you have to be big or that you’ve solved world hunger. (But wouldn’t that be cool?) Rather, you just need to want to make a positive impact on the lives of people or the intricate web of systems that allow life to thrive on our planet. I know there are a lot of you out there, and I’m excited to work with you.

2018 Needs a Little Transformation

If we’ve collaborated in the past, I hope to have a chance to reconnect in the coming year. And if we haven’t worked together before, I look forward to learning about your vision and discussing your transformational goals.

It’s 2018, and our world is in need of more than just a little bit of transformation. I look forward to the journey.

Happy New Year!

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