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"With decades of experience in a variety of industries, I know I can help you develop the core messages, strategy & content you need to communicate your value to the marketplace."
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Do you need a new or revised content strategy?

Today's sophisticated audience is navigating more and more of the buyer journey on their own. This means that your content strategy plays a more important role in your marketing and sales funnel than ever before. If you're not seeing the results you want, TEPLANSKY can design the transformational content strategy you need.

Do you have a strategy, but need help creating more content?

If you have a successful content strategy, but you need occasional or ongoing help to develop all the content your strategy requires, TEPLANSKY offers expert freelance or contract writing and content development services.
  • Long Form

    Books & eBooks
    Thought Leadership
    By-lined Articles
    Research reports...and more

  • Short-form

    Blog Articles
    Case Studies
    Marketing Collateral
    Sales Collateral...and more

  • Multi-media

    Scripts...and more

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