• Rob Teplansky

    TEPLANSKY Transformational Marketing & Communication

    Hi, I'm Rob Teplansky. If you represent a small or medium-sized organization or you're an entrepreneur and you are passionate about your product, service or cause, I can help you develop a transformational marketing strategy and the content that you need to communicate your message.

    I have recently re-launched my private consulting and content development practice. After seven years as senior director of marketing for a medium sized corporation that tripled in revenue to more than $300 million during my tenure, I'm looking forward to the variety, the excitement and the personal fulfillment of my own private practice. I'm committed to taking the sum of my professional experience - almost 30 years - to help passionate people and organizations with products, services or causes they believe will transform the lives of their target audience.

    That doesn't mean you have to be big, or that you've solved world hunger. (But wouldn't that be cool?) Rather, you just need to want to make a positive impact on the lives of people, or the intricate web of systems that allow life to thrive on our planet. I know there are a lot of you out there, and I'm excited to work with you.

    Your experience with TEPLANSKY will be different because my background is different. My professional background unfolded in three phases, with each spanning about a decade. In Phase I, I worked in film, video and music production. In Phase II, I had the opportunity to learn the surprisingly diverse aspects of professional and trade association management. During Phase III, I developed and implemented strategies to market complex B2B services to medium and large organizations.

    Imagine how this understanding of content and media creation, professional and trade networks, and complex market places might be leveraged to create transformational marketing strategies and messaging strategies for your organization.

    I've distilled complex concepts into compelling messages in such completely different markets as hazardous materials emergency response, vocational rehabilitation and disability management, corporate real estate services, contract foodservice, healthcare, and management of portfolios of outsourced services contracts.

    Let's collaborate on new and transformational ways to connect your product, service or cause to your audience and accelerate your success!
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